The Zeldenrijk family

Our Story

The story of the Zeldenrijk family being involved in the dairy industry began when Nicolaas’ grandfather purchased two cows names Galis & Marie in the Netherlands. When Nicolaas and his wife, Wilma, immigrated to Canada they continued on the names, resulting in ‘New Galma Dairy’. The farm was established in 2001 in the quaint but rapidly growing town of Mount Elgin in Oxford County.


With a passion for showing, they’re breeding top-notch cattle and making waves in the show ring. Now, they’ve fulfilled their dream of cheesemaking with a new creamery producing delicious Dutch-style cheeses. Exciting plans ahead include grass-fed cheese and expanding their product line.
Family is at the heart of it all, driving their success forward. Check out their fantastic operation and give them a follow on social media!

Today, Nicolaas and Wilma, along with their children, run a cutting-edge operation with 300 cows, robotic milkers, and automated systems for feeding and bedding. This is an exceptional operation!

In 2020, Kimmely the youngest daughter, went to the Netherlands on a mission to discover how they made the cheese that their family had loved for generations. There she learned how Dutch cheese was made. Wanting to learn even more she traveled to western Canada to visit British Columbia to have a glimpse at what they had kept from the Dutch ways and transferred into a Dutch-Canadian cheese in a way of perfecting the tradition of cheese making.

Today, oldest daughter Marcella along with daughter-in-law Elora are involved in the sales side of the creamery. While the team is busy with cheesemaking, the family farm still needs to be tended and that is handled by Lars, Elora, and Bren,
who is still in school but helps out any chance that he can get.”and family are busy creating there version of dutch specialty cheeses in a gouda-style cheese. In the meantime the family farm still needs to be taken care of which is done by son Lars and his wife Elora along with youngest son, Bren who is still in school but stays on the farm any chance He gets.

Currently, we are making both small and large wheels of mild and spiced flavoured goudas, and we hope to soon expand our product line with more dairy products.

While the cheesemaking process is a labour of love, we enjoy creating a beautiful product with milk from our own herd and we enjoy hearing of the memories made over sharing our

Come for a visit to our cheese store or tour our cheese making facilities and dairy farm.

- the Zeldenrijk family

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Exceptional Quality

Our cheeses are crafted with care using the finest ingredients and traditional methods, ensuring exceptional taste, texture, and consistency in every bite.

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Family Owned & Operated

Our deep-rooted commitment to quality and sustainability has come with generations of passion and knowledge. This dedication to family and farming has translated into ensure top quality in each and every one of our products.